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Expert Paint & Dent Repair


 Dent and Scratch

Scratches are not as extreme as a dent or crack but rather can in any case cost a penny at your nearby auto repair shop. Who has room schedule-wise to leave your auto at a shop for a day or two? We’re versatile, which implies we come to you and can complete the administration inside two or three hours. We’ll wipe off the region, smooth out the surface, fill in any profound scratches and PC coordinate your paint to guarantee it’s 100% great! We then apply a layer of clear-coat and your auto looks like nothing happened!

About Us

We specialize in plastic bumper repair, mobile bumper repair, mobile auto body, and dent repair.

We all have busy schedules. We’ll come to your home or office, so that you can get your repair without making any changes to your day to day routine. Bumper one is all about accommodating to your schedule!

Our customer service is beyond comparison and our top priority is providing the highest quality of service through friendly and honest work. Our service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed for as long as you own your car and our technicians can fix most repairs within two hours, and our average repair costs less than most body shops!

Bumper one uses environmentally friendly products such as water based paint that are only allowed by local and state governments. In fact, we help eliminate the 10,000 plastic bumpers thrown out each year by understanding cosmetic repairs can be done conveniently and at your place of preference.


    Bad news – you scraped your bumper. The good news is that the bumper is made of plastic material. This plastic bumper is designed to “deform” and bounce back to its original shape. But if you hit it hard enough, the plastic can crack, tear or scrape. We clean it up, and if necessary use a filler that matches your plastic material, then smooth it out. The computer matched paint we use to get you perfect color is water based to keep a clean environment. You’ll be back on the road in no time!


    We treat punctures like any injury, and the first step to healing any type of puncture is cleaning out the wound. We cut off any edges that may be sticking out then sand it down. This helps create a smooth surface for the patch. The patch is cut to the size of the hole, soaked in fiberglass filler and set from behind. Once that’s ready to go, we fill in the front, sand it down, computer match your paint to ensure the perfect color-and your bumper is ready to go!


    Cracks happen to everyone, you’re not alone. Car bumpers come in plastic form which make simple cracks an easy fix! All it takes is just a little extra prep and we can get your car finished within a few hours! We’ll clean the damaged area with a surface cleaner. Any cuts or punctures will get smoothed out, filled, dried, then smoothed out one last time before adding the paint. We take extra time to make sure we use the perfect color and your car is ready!


    Scuffs are not as severe as a dent or crack but can still cost a pretty penny at your local auto repair shop. Who has time to leave your car at a shop for a day or two? We’re mobile, which means we come to you and can get the service done within a couple of hours. We’ll clean off the area, smooth out the surface, fill in any deep scratches and computer match your paint to ensure it’s 100% perfect! We then apply a layer of clear-coat and your car looks like nothing happened!


    Like the human body, cars have a protective outer layer to protect the internal organs of the car. Protection typically comes in the form of plastic because the material makes it easier for it to “bounce back” to its original shape. Once it bounces back, the paint does crack but that’s okay because we computer match your paint so that it’s perfect! We use heat and specialty tools to pull the dent back into it’s original form. The dent disappears and your car is back to normal!


    The process to fixing any kind of puncture is typically the same depending on the size of the damage. Holes are something that can be fixed with just a little extra attention to detail. We’ll clean the hole out, fill it with a material compatible with your bumper, dry it, then smooth it down and match your paint to get you on your way!

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